New Website

Etc. would like to post about member projects, so this is an experimental post to measure the idea’s worthiness. The site is built on WordPress using the Bones starter theme. I customized the theme to be lightweight, modern, and hopefully a relatively timeless design.

Having not been involved in web development for a few years, it’s interesting to see what has changed. One of my favorite changes has to be compilable CSS. This site uses SASS, which makes development of custom styles so much quicker. I was also intrigued by the use of CSS partials and breakpoints to make development for devices of all sorts (mobile to desktop) so much easier, since styles for larger devices could be loaded as they’re needed and override styles for smaller devices designated by earlier CSS.

As for next steps, I need to start designing the show management system (SMS?). I intend for it to tie into this site seamlessly, since there’s no point in building my own CMS, and it’s for too specific a purpose to try extending WordPress. I already have functionality in mind, which will archiving functionality (such as keeping records of shows, specific performances, who was involved, and other associated information), reservation and ticketing functionality, and potentially call board type functionality. I will probably build it on Ruby on Rails, because I enjoy the object relational mapping and active record design. More details on this system will come later.